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This six-part thriller series follows four teenagers who discover they have psychic abilities. A government agent brings the teens together as The Medusa Project, a special crime fighting unit that works undercover on dangerous missions.


The Set Up

The first book in the series sees Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan getting to grips with their psychic abilities, and being brought together to form The Medusa Project for their first undercover mission.

What is the truth, and who can be trusted?

The Medusa Project Series
Set up Anchor

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The Hostage

The Medusa Project teens are now getting into the swing of investigating criminal activity, but there’s a problem closer to home for Ketty that puts her safety – and that of the other teens – at risk.

The Hostage Anchor

The Rescue

At a training camp in Spain that turns out to be a nightmare boot camp, Ed who gets his cover blown and is black-mailed into using his mind-reading powers. The teens need to stage an escape and reveal the underhand goings-on at the camp, but how?

The Resue Anchor


Dylan, the daughter of the scientist who created the Medusa gene for psychic powers, has never felt she really fits into the crime-fighting Medusa Project. But then she makes a discovery about her father’s death which changes everything.


Double Cross

The Medusa Project team arrive in Sydney, Australia, for another exciting mission – and discover there are other teens with psychic abilities… but how many?

Double Cross Anchor

Hit Squad

The Medusa Project teens are due to be taken out of service and split up, but there is one more mission they just can’t resist, though it could be their most dangerous.

Winner of The Red House Children's Book Award 2013 (older readers category)

Hit Squad

The Thief

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The Thief
The Medusa Project -
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