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Time Train to the Blitz

Shortlisted for the Red House Book Award 2011

It all starts when a mysterious train appears in the park. Before they know what’s happening, Joe and Scarlett are whisked away on a journey back in time. Magically transported to World War Two they’re given a mission: to save a young boy’s life. But with bombs falling on London they find they are counting down to disaster…

Particularly for 7 to 9 year olds

Time Train

Arthur’s Sword​

Arthur is a better sword fighter than his foster brother, Kay, but he’s not the one training to be a knight. So he’s thrilled to meet Merlin, who promises to help him become Kay’s squire. Then the king dies and Arthur gets the chance to carry out his first big challenge. There’s a sword stuck in a rock, and no one can pull it free…

Particularly for 6 to 7 year olds

Arthurs sword
Short Stories

T4J - from You're the Best,

a collection of short stories about friendship.

The Lie - from My Kind of School, 

a collection of stories about being at school.

T4J (You're the best)
The Lie (my kind of school)
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