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Secret Sister

A new thriller for young teens,

featuring characters from the Girl, Missing universe

 Twin sisters Asha and Willow were separated as babies. Now almost fourteen, neither knows that the other exists.  They’ve been brought up in very different environments – Willow in conventional modern-day England and Asha on a remote island with minimal contact with the outside world and hardly any technology. 

Once they know about each other, the girls are desperate to meet. But this isn't easy. As Asha and Willow start to piece together the reasons why they were separated, they discover that those responsible are still in their lives – and prepared to do anything to stop the truth coming out.

In order to find their way back to each other, Willow and Asha will have to take risks, face setbacks and confront not just their deepest fears but their deadliest enemies.

Another exciting read from the million-copy-selling and award-winning

Queen of Teen thrillers will be out in 2024!

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